Blog Pattern

Hello Devs,

I have created this blog “Technology Notes For You”:

  • To save my IT related learning for future reference; and
  • To share my learning with you, the fellow developers

Here I would like to describe the pattern of this blog that might be helpful to the reader of my blog in making much out of it.

I break down the information I read or watch into concise points to remember. With each point I further put weight on certain words that could serve as a memory jogger for later go through.

Before every post, I put a small table of content to indicate what the blog post contains.

After every post I place links of resources that I used for making these notes.

I am not sure how much this pattern would be helpful for you, the readers of my blog, to understand my efforts, but I would love to hear your comments on this to see how can I improve the efficiency of my blog posts.

Have a nice reading J

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