FetchXMLResultViewer–A Dynamics CRM tool

Hello everyone,

I recently released my first Dynamics CRM tool under MIT License. You may download FetchXMLResultViewer from GitHub. Here is the short description of it.

It’s a small windows application built on .NET Framework 4.5.2, that takes FetchXML string as an input and displays the resulting CRM data using Windows Form’s DataGridView. Once you fetched the CRM data, you may export it to a CSV file for various purposes.

The tool is very handy to quickly see the results of the given FetchXML in an easy readable grid format. You may use it to quickly tweak your FetchXML on “hit and try” basis.’

While exporting results to CSV file, I also included lookup name values as well as lookup GUIDs. This is something that was missing in built in “Export to Excel” functionality that we use from within Dynamics CRM application. The Export to Excel functionality (re-written in CRM 2015 Update 1) now only exports the GUID of primary entity and ignores the GUIDs of other lookup attributes. Thanks to the Joe Newstorm whose facebook post in the Dynamics CRM group inspired me to undertake this work.

I need your feedback about how you see the tool is useful for the developers. Also you can suggest more features or you may directly fork the project’s GitHub repository, work on your suggestion and submit it back to be synced in the master repository.

Upcoming improvements:

  • Error logging to a file.
  • Export as a Microsoft Excel file
  • Export as XML
  • Displaying the descriptions/text for Boolean (two options) and OptionSetValue (currently only values and true/false are being fetched for OptionSet and Two Option attributes)
  • Beautification of the application from (especially toolstrip icons that are bit unimpressive, due to the lack of my GD skills)
  • Paging of results

I would be more than happy for any contributions on this project.

Stay blessed and happy CRMing Smile

Credits: The FetchXMLResultViwer application is using MscrmTools.Xrm.Connection by MscrmTools

Download Link: https://github.com/khadimali/FetchXMLResultViewer

FetchXMLResultViewer - Snapshot

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